miércoles, 22 de junio de 2011

Canción para los que buscan el AMOR (ingles)

if you don´t belong to what you see
you will not find anything
you will see an end wall
and your eyes will not see the world
that is around you
you lose the time you shared
half of your life
and you fool yourself with a lie
forgetting your past, your present and your future
Do you agree that there is a failure?
Can you feel it?
Can you do it?
just have to put
your senses and your heart in this
and come to meet me
what you should do is get out of bed
with a nice smile on your face
think that nothing is forever
and you are not alone
when we are together
someone may appear
fall in love with you
then you can to hear
the sound of birds in the mountains
and the sound of water in the fountain
you have the strength to fight
and on your way find a light
that will help you see what you lost
and be no more than a letter
not sent by post
as sick of blind love
and let it go fever
will not be my guilt
just means you´re alive
you´re alive!
you´re alive!
Can you see it now?
or I have to give
a kiss in your mouth
tonight I will wait
and will be a wonderful thing
beautiful goodbye!

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